Cowboy Legends -
 Music & Poetry Festival

The 12th Annual Antelope Islands' Cowboy Legends,
Music & Poetry Festival
will be celebrating ranching history on the "Island". 

You are invited to step back through 133 years of
Utah History held at the
Historic Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island
just northwest of Salt Lake City Utah.
May 26-29, 2017

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2017 Schedule is subject to change without notice.
This Schedule is preliminary and is being updated regularly
Current as of Wednesday, May 03, 2017 08:36 PM


Friday Performance Schedule
On The Porch
12:00 pm Bob Weber
12:20 pm Romreill's
12:40 pm David Harston
1:00 pm Arden Gailey
1:20 pm Dan Doshier
1:40 pm Colt Blankman
2:00 pm Green Sage Junction
2:20 pm Ken Wellard
2:40 pm Scott Olsen
3:00 pm Casey Woods
3:20 pm Sherry Brennan
3:40 pm Thatch Elmer
4:00 pm Saddle Strings
4:20 pm David Anderson
5:00 pm Suppertime on your own
6:00 pm Evening Show - Adults $5.00 -
Family (Immediate) $15.00 -
Kids 10 and Under Free.
Arden Gailey, Green Sage Junction, Colt Blankman, Ken Wellard

Saturday's Performance Schedule
BARN PARK PORCH Kid's Stage in Park
9:30 am Sawtooth Mtn Boys Buckaroo Balladeers Making Tracks
10:00 am Colt Blankman Bob Weber Scott Lambertson
  Casey Woods
10:30 am Many Strings Ken Wellard Jerye Lee Gordon Champneys
Homeward Bound Sam DeLeeuw
11:00 am Russ Westwood Romreill's Arden Gailey Thatch Elmer
Mark Seeley Sam DeLeeuw
11:30 am Rand Hillman Green Sage Ree DuPree Russ Westwood
Don Korth
Casey Woods
12:00 pm Johnson Creek Gordan Champneys David Anderson Homeward Bound
Bill Gubler Homeward Bound
12:30 pm Don Korth Chris Mortensen Val Hinze In Cahoots
Thatch Elmer
Russ Westwood
1:00 pm Saddle Strings Making Tracks Buckaroo Balladeers Green Sage
1:30 pm David Anderson Glenn Brandt Bob Weber Romreill's and
Ken Wellard
2:00 pm Dan Doshier In Cahoots Sawtooth Mt. Boys Jerye Lee
2:30 pm Ken Wellard Colt Blankman Scott Olsen Arden Gailey
Gordan Chapneys Mark Seeley
3:00 pm Ree DuPree Many Strings Rand Hillman Val Hinze
3:30 pm Romreill's Scott Lambertson Homeward Bound Mark Seeley
Bill Gubler
4:00 pm Scott Olsen Saddle Strings Glenn Brandt Colt Blankman
Ken Wellard
4:30 pm Chris Mortensen Russ Westwood Johnson Creek
Casey Woods
5:00 pm Homeward Bound Thatch Elmer Dan Doshier Gordan Champney
Bill Gubler Don Korth
5:30 pm Suppertime Break before night show
6:00 pm Evening Show - Adults $5.00 -
Family (Immediate) $15.00 -
Kids 10 and Under Free.
Johnson Creek Band, Thatch Elmer, Paul Bliss, Elmer Bliss


Sunday's Performance Schudule
9:00 am COWBOY CHURCH Stage Closed Stage Closed
10:30 am Dan Doshier Mark Seeley Saddle Strings Mark Seeley
Scott Lambertson
Don Korth
11:00 am Thatch Elmer Sawtooth Mtn Boys Scott Olsen
Ken Wellard
11:30 am Scott Lambertson Casey Woods Chris Mortensen
Colt Blankman
12:00 pm Bob Weber Jerye Lee Ree DuPree
12:30 pm Many Strings Rand Hillman David Anderson Romriell's &
Ken Wellard
1:00 pm Arden Gailey David Harston Bob Weber Sam DeLeeuw
Colt Blankman
Don Korth
1:30 pm Buckaroo Baladeers Making Tracks Scott Lambertson Thatch Elmer
Mark Seeley
2:00 pm Glenn Brandt David Anderson Many Strings Green Sage
2:30 pm Colt Blankman Ken Wellard Rand Hillman Jerye Lee
Sam DeLeeuw Mark Seeley
3:00 pm Romreill's Thatch Elmer
Casey Woods
Arden Gailey Chris Mortensen
Don Korth
3:30 pm Saddle Strings Buckaroo Balladeers Dan Doshier Scott Olsen
4:00 pm Ree DuPree Romreill's Making Tracks Casey Woods
Sam DeLeeuw
4:30 pm Sawtooth Mtn Boys Green Sage Glenn Brandt
5:00 pm Potluck for Performers and Committee only "Invite Only"
BYO: marshmallows and sticks


Monday's Performance Schedule
10:00 am Arden Gailey Saddle Strings Glenn Brandt Thatch Elmer
Ken Wellard
10:30 am Ree DuPree Dan Doshier Chris Mortensen Making Tracks
11:00 am Homeward Bound Romreill's Sam DeLeeuw Colt Blankman
Mark Seeley Gordon Champneys Bill Gubler
11:30 am Scott Lambertson Green Sage Johnson Creek Homeward Bound
Casey Woods
12:00 pm Patriotic Program - John Reekie
Thatch Elmer, Colt Blankman, Green Sage Junction, Saddle Strings
Sawtooth Mtn. Boys, Chris Mortensen, David Anderson
1:00 pm Rank Hillman Many Strings David Anderson Ree DuPree
1:30 pm Mark Seeley Scott Olsen Saddle Strings Chris Mortensen
Russ Westwood
2:00 pm BENEFIT AUCTION Val Hinze Stage Closed Stage Closed
2:30 pm BENEFIT AUCTION Sawtooth Mtn Boys Stage Closed Stage Closed
3:00 pm BENEFIT AUCTION Green Sage Junction Stage Closed Stage Closed
3:30 pm In Cahoots Bill Gubler Sawtooth Mtn Boys Gordon Champneys
Thatch Elmer Russ Westwood
4:00 pm Casey Woods Making Tracks Dan Doshier Johnson Creek Band
Ken Wellard
4:30 pm David Anderson Glen Brandt Scott Olsen Bob Weber
5:00 pm Many Strings In Cahoots Arden Gailey Rand Hillman
5:30 pm Val Hinze Scott Lambertson Homeward Bound



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